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Davinci Wide Gamut & Fusion

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Davinci Wide Gamut & Fusion

PostSat Jan 02, 2021 12:51 pm

Happy New Year everyone,

I am struggling with the new Davinci Wide Gamut (DWG) and Fusion comps.

I set my viewer LUT to managed and DWG, the same as my timeline workspace. My timeline output space is Rec709.

From what I have read and gone through a lot of YouTube (not very helpful), you need to convert the linear space back to the working timeline space (DWG) before the MediaOut node. I am doing this using the Gamut node (Linear to DWG) and adding the Gamma to bring it to what I would think is the correct output gamma of the comp to the timeline.

When I return to the timeline, the gamma is incorrect and compressed. A pure white sits under 768 on the scopes.

I know it has to be something really easy that I am missing, but for the life of me I cannot work it out. If I set the project to Rec709 and not DWG, all is good, but I would like to work with my footage in the wider space before OT into Rec709 or sRGB, etc.
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alex adam

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Re: Davinci Wide Gamut & Fusion

PostThu Jan 14, 2021 4:35 am

+1 for v17 beta
DWG colour managed preset: Arri Footage views incorrectly with managed LUT on viewer
Rec 709 preset: Arri Footage views correctly with managed LUT on viewer


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Re: Davinci Wide Gamut & Fusion

PostThu Jan 14, 2021 3:29 pm

It might be helpful if you post a screenshot of your nodes -- at least the beginning and end where you're doing colorspace and gamma conversions. It's a little confusing trying to figure out if you're doing conversions on the way in and the way our, or just on the way out, etc.

Also, to be clear, do you also have Color corrections applied? In Fusion, you'll see things before Color, I believe, and you could make modifications upon which your Color corrections build, magnifying small changes in Fusion.

The pure white (which hits 768 on the scopes) is added how? Is it in the original footage, or did you add something like white text in Fusion? (I ask because there's a preference for setting Resolve-generated white's nit value and I believe it defaults to 100 nits, which is not an HDR white.)

(I'm still learning all of this myself, and don't know that I'll have an answer, but hopefully some clarification will let someone with more expertise chime in.)
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