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Can we please fix the UI!

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steve oakley

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Re: Can we please fix the UI!

PostFri May 21, 2021 4:47 am

I started with F8 using it lightly, then F9. Overal the F16/17 changes aren't that bad at all, some I like.

I don't mind the slightly larger easier to see, easier to hit with the mouse icons, its waste space around them. window boarders are thick. Maybe some one thought this UI was gonna be for touch screens, NOT !

What truely bugs the daylights out of me is that Fu in R has bad 2nd monitor output. No matter what settings I mess with 2nd screen output is always really dark with crushed gamma. I've messed withe the display settings to no avail. I can't believe its been several major releases and its not fixed, its a huge glaringly bad bug.

The inspector window, the controls are a bit too spaced out, the size is ok.

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Re: Can we please fix the UI!

PostMon May 24, 2021 7:58 pm

I'm going to +1 this because I have major issues with the UI fonts. Every character seems to be cropped slightly on the right side making it very hard to read the text on the screen.
The problem appears on my machine in both Fusion and Resolve (I use both for different).

I hope a dev will eventually reply to this topic.
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Re: Can we please fix the UI!

PostTue May 25, 2021 2:33 pm

There are good and bad things, I adapted actually quite quickly to 16, because of the shortcuts. Thats was a huge thing for me. And on 4k monitor the interface is ok, well a lot wasted but ok.
17.2 got a few layout presets that makes live a bit easier. Sadly it doesn't save these and you have to redo it every time you start the app. Hope that get fixed.
Personally I would love to have two viewers above each others and huge flow on the side. Floating panels maybe, but no toolbar.
Currently their buttons for the view elements properties, viewer, keyframes, etc. taking a lot space. Also often enough you do not need to have more than one comp open or see a fat status bar. That alone takes an inch on my screen. Horrible.
Basic work is on flow, properties and viewer.. so every other part can be shrunk down, till its all tiny tiny. Or we need a 32" 8k monitor next.

That said, the thing that I dislike most in Fusion is the color corrector UI. I mean why the hell do I need to select the color wheels individual. There should be 4 colors wheels visible all the time. The settings can be lot smaller and some stuff makes no sense, like brightness on master. It will ruin your image with even low values like 0.01.

I still miss Smoke and other Discreet stuff here. But competition was harder at that time.
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Re: Can we please fix the UI!

PostThu Jun 10, 2021 4:06 pm



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Re: Can we please fix the UI!

PostFri Jun 11, 2021 2:29 am

It may already exist and I am unaware but a slider or convenient way to vary the playback speed would be useful. Quite often I would like to play through frames slowly and the only way I know of, is to set the fps in preferences. That is not ideal, as sooner or later a saver node will be produced at the wrong fps promptly followed by a long render, at the wrong fps. As far as I can see there is no fps in Fusion anyway, until the data goes through the saver node.
Such a control could also help acheive smooth playback when for example, a heavy comp is struggling with uneven playback. The playback speed could be reduced until it is at least smooth, slightly slower but smooth.

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