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Fusion Comp gets reset when saving project!!

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George Woods

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Fusion Comp gets reset when saving project!!

PostThu Dec 02, 2021 2:02 am

I've wasted two days now creating Fusion compositions that keep resetting themselves!
M1 MacBook Air, Monterey 12.01

Various things have been going wrong with Fusion recently:
[list=]Crashing doing the most basic things, like changing the zoom level in the viewer
Saving the project, suddenly the viewer in Fusion will go blank. Nothing seems to bring it back
If I click into a different page in Resolve, then go back to open the Fusion composition from the Media Page - it opens, but it's completely reset to just media in and media out!
Losing around 20 nodes[/list]

I've taken to saving as a new project every time I make a single change, because I have to keep going back to the previous version.

What the hell is going on with Fusion?

At the very least, what is causing my composition viewer to go black? I have to disconnect a whole bunch of nodes and then reconnect them one at a time to get the viewer to come back.

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