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Fusion composition is empty after reload

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Fusion composition is empty after reload

PostThu Jan 20, 2022 3:01 pm

DaVinci Resolve 17.4.3 Build 10 here.

I've made two tiny videos. Video-ONE was entirely made on the Fusion tab, with occasional switching to the Edit tab to preview the result on the timeline. No interactions with the Media Pool. I saved the project under three different names as I was making changes, rendered the final result. All is good so far.
Video-TWO already had a handful of media on its timeline, but I was mostly working with the Fusion again, adding little bits from the Media Pool and previewing it on the Edit tab.

Saved, rendered. Opened the latest Video-ONE project only to find a sad lonely Background node instead of the massive construction of nodes I had there just an hour ago. Since I had it saved under three different names on different stages of working on it, I attempted to open the other two Video-ONE projects, only to find the same lonely Background. Fusion composition was gone, disappeared.
I opened the Video-TWO project, and it's perfectly fine, at least from the looks of it. I backed it up in all the ways I could come up with, just in case.

From my perspective, I've worked with those in a very similar way. I've used exactly the same "Save Project" button, visited the same tabs with the same settings, I have not added either of the Fusion compositions to the Media Pool, nor have I dragged and dropped any from there. The only interactions with Media were adding pictures (in Fusion) and audio (in Edit) for Video-TWO.

My question is, what went wrong with the Video-ONE project? What have I done (or not done) for it to wipe the Fusion composition? Does adding media grounds the composition in reality somehow, or what's going on here? I guess it's gone for good, so how can I make sure this doesn't happen again?

Thank you.
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