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"Cannot allocate memory" or "Result too large" (updated)

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"Cannot allocate memory" or "Result too large" (updated)

PostThu Nov 24, 2022 4:15 pm


Keep on seeing that today on 18.1 standalone, while I was flying on the same files on 18
Edit : on 18.1.1 too

It's just a ProRes 4444 UHD with alpha : the playback is stuck, the console shows the message in the title...
Tweaking memory parameters in the pref led once to the console message "result too large"

Some one saw that (recently only) ?

Edit : as I remembered an old issue with PR with alpha, I tried the same trick to figure it out and it happened to work for that too (even if the issue is not the same) : starting Fusion after ticking "open with Rosetta" shows no issue then... :cry:

I admit I didn't try to revert to 18 cos' I have an ongoing project clip with the magic mask

Update : same on 18.1.1, M1 Monterey. With the file transcoded by shutter encoder - still in PR4444 - I have "Result too large" in the console.

Conclusion : if you BMD are interested in checking a file that triggers one of these fusion console message while the playback is stopped, just tell me.
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