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Textures break when loading FBX file

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Textures break when loading FBX file

PostWed Mar 22, 2023 1:59 pm

Hi there. I'm in the middle of the project and trying to import FBX file of the house on the fusion tab. Done everything I had to do, made a nice plane, imported it and put in the right textures.
Double checked the FBX file in any fbx file viewer- it loads well, but in Davinci a few of the walls
break connection and cover e.g. my windows or doors, like on the photo belo (marked with red circles).

the FBX is an sketchup export product - this is a really well-done project made proffesionally, so I don't think there are any mislinks or misconnections in lines, but still, Davinci does not import it well.
Let me know what you think, maybe you have any ideas of how to fix this

Sam Steti

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Re: Textures break when loading FBX file

PostThu Mar 23, 2023 8:49 am


Hmmm, this is indeed very frustrating, I've been experiencing that quite often... Usually, I try to bake everything in the 3D assets but depending on where it comes from, it's not so easy.
Did you try to get it as an OBJ or alembic instead as a basic check ?

Edit : if you can go the Blender way, even just to export from there, it would be easier to see and choose alembic for instance
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Re: Textures break when loading FBX file

PostThu Mar 23, 2023 12:47 pm

Any chance it is some kind of precision issue? If you have different polys close to each other in the model and it is saved or loaded with some strange scaling, they might get their coords mushed up, causing rendering issues.
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Re: Textures break when loading FBX file

PostThu Mar 23, 2023 2:37 pm

3D models can be tricky. There are some rules to follow when using assets across software that could give you a place to start trouble shooting.

    Make sure that the model doesn't have any ngons. These are faces with more than four sides.

    Subdivide your model enough to support your edges. There should be a nice discernible pattern of quads.

    Check for disconnected vertices. They tend to do things like cross over empty areas such as window openings if the model is translated incorrectly.

    If all you have is an export to fbx as a way to deal with polygons, then you can quadrangulate of triangulate the mesh to a high enough degree to cover what is above.

    Your UVs need to all fit in a 0-1 space for each part of the model. If the whole model is one thing, then everything needs to be laid out together. If individual pieces are textured and separate, then you should export them the individually and reassemble in Fusion.

Huge, long, flat areas tend to not work correctly when you cross applications. If you know what you're doing and can edit you model on a vertex level then you can break the rules and do what you want but with translators, it's hard to take what you get.

If you can learn a bit of Blender, it would help you understand what Fusion is seeing and give you more tools to fix translation errors.
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Re: Textures break when loading FBX file

PostFri Mar 24, 2023 12:02 pm

Well, these were actually the building my client provided me to render. Whole sketchup project weights like 250mb :shock:
So I had to totally rebuild these buildings, from scratch. Took me whole day, but finally managed to make it work. I was importing .fbx scenes.
Sometimes I still get these errors, but then I have to recreate it again in sketchup and it works fine. Pretty annoying, but I guess that's the only way.
So if you're looking for answer - just make your 3d model as simple as possible.

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