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Lua Script: Click a Button in a Macro Node

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Lua Script: Click a Button in a Macro Node

PostWed May 31, 2023 4:38 am

How do I use Lua to “click” a button inside of a macro node?

The code in the .setting is…

Code: Select all
GoToFrame = {
INP_MaxAllowed = 1000000,
INP_Integer = false,
INPID_InputControl = "ButtonControl",
BTNCS_Execute = "comp.CurrentTime = tool.ReferenceFrame[fu.TIME_UNDEFINED]",
INP_MaxScale = 1,
INP_MinScale = 0,
INP_MinAllowed = -1000000,
LINKID_DataType = "Number",
ICS_ControlPage = "Controls",
ICD_Width = 1,
LINKS_Name = "Go To Frame"

See how it’s a “ButtonControl” type of InputControl? What’s the code to simulate clicking that button?
(The other button I have to click has a lot more code inside of BTNCS_Execute.)

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