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Editing - automating switching layer layouts

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Editing - automating switching layer layouts

PostSun Sep 24, 2023 11:31 am


I've asked before, so apologies to bump this, but with new fusion stuff all the time maybe things have changed.

I live stream and use mixeffect to animate between different super source comps which is pretty slick.

When I do post production edits, however, it is super laborious to emulate these animations that are so easy when doing live, having to set multiple key frames on multiple params.

I bet someone has an idea on how to set up different comps in fusion taking in the different video tracks and animating between a number of different layouts using shortcuts or even, as when I do live, triggering via companion or a streamdeck.


I'd even pay someone to help set this up if it requires developing a plugin of sorts. I've gone down the rabbit hole of trying to use the api with python, but it doesn't seem to allow sufficient access to the timeline to set keyframes etc.



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Re: Editing - automating switching layer layouts

PostMon Oct 02, 2023 8:50 pm

I have created lots of scripts that help me when I’m Onlining a project, most of them are based on Lua and they really help. I never thought of creating a bespoke transition because the vast majority of my projects have no transition at all ( or just Dissolve). I can't see it being difficult, send us some of your ideas and I can pinpoint exactly what you need.
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