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Nodes gone but still active

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Nodes gone but still active

PostWed Nov 27, 2019 8:46 pm

This is very weird. I'm using Fusion within an edit in Davinci Resolve Studio (paid version), and after a week of use all my Fusion nodes are gone except for transform and camera shake.

So Lens Flares, Vignettes, Film Grain, etc... gone. Basically all OpenFX nodes are invisible. But the bizarre thing is, the nodes still affect the output. So I still see all the lens flares, vignetting and so on. And no I didn't do those FX in the timeline.

Please help, a ton of work is locked up that I can't edit, and have to start all over again, only to risk happening again.

Anybody have this problem.

Software: Davinci Resolve Studio 16.1.1 (Paid)
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Saad Shah

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Re: Nodes gone but still active

PostThu Nov 28, 2019 1:49 am

I have never experienced this problem myself. And I am using the same version as you.

If I was you, I would try loading in an older version of the file, if you have saved those along the way. Or try loading in other projects to see if those work or not. Not sure if your comp is corrupted or the software itself is the issue. Also, make sure to zoom out of the flow, maybe your nodes are pushed far away?
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Okke Verbart

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Re: Nodes gone but still active

PostThu Nov 28, 2019 7:14 am

Aside the good suggestions from Sadi, you can also try to copy everything you can see (box select everything around and including the mediain(s) and mediaout nodes, and then copy those into say a text editor. Here you could see what's going on. Chances are that they are still there, but for whatever reason invisible. It could even be that when you copy it back, they all of the sudden appear.

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