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Macro Auto resolution

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Denis P.

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Macro Auto resolution

PostTue Dec 17, 2019 11:01 am

I began to study DR16.
Made Macro. But I just can not understand why the automatic resolution change does not occur.

Suppose I created it in 4K. Accordingly, he shows it normally, he opened 8K, everything is fine too, but he opened it in 1080, immediately starts to show crookedly.

Thank you!
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Saad Shah

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Re: Macro Auto resolution

PostThu Dec 19, 2019 1:52 am

Hey Denis
It would be helpful if you explain what (exactly) is going on.
We can help if you explain the issue with more details.
Do you have a composition or code you can share?
Macros are just a sequence of nodes you choose to do something; usually repeatedly. But macros exist within the parameters of a bigger picture, the composition itself. So frame rate, resolution, color space, all those things need to be taken into account.
If you provide the context, perhaps we can help you out.

For example, I create macros of repeated graphic elements in my videos, and those macros are created based on my particular needs. I am assuming you do the same?

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