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Planar Tracker weird bug : comp is not saved and reset

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Planar Tracker weird bug : comp is not saved and reset

PostFri Jan 24, 2020 11:53 am

Hi all!
I'm new to Da Vinci Resolve and I really like this software, but I encountered an issue that makes me very anxious about it... When I use "planar tracker", if I save my project and then reopen it, the whole comp is set to default (mediain and mediaout and that's it). ???
I have Windows 10 and my graphic card is a Geforce RTX 2070.
I installed Da Vinci 16.1 and then tried to stabilize a regular h264 UHD clip with "planar tracker" (camera lock style). I lost a lot of time figurating out the problem; I can use a variety of nodes, everything works fine. But specifically when I add a "planar tracker" node, if I save the project and reopen it afterwards, the whole comp is lost, set to default just like I did nothing. I found that the problem comes when I click on "compute stabilization": before that I can save and reopen my comp, after that it is lost.

Another strange thing: when I switch from "track" to "stabilize" I can see the effect of the stablization, the clip moves a little to compensate the movement and I can see the transparent background on some borders. But if I click on "compute stabilization" the stablization is not applied and the clip goes to its initial position. I tried to change the force of the stabilization and it ONLY works when I set "Gaussian" and "0". Then I can autozoom, etc. But after that, even if I save it, like I said the next time everything is lost... SO WEIRD!

Please help me to understand this bug... I did not find anything on the net :/ I know I can do what I want with a simple tracker and transform, but I fear that it can happen again with other nodes, and I'd like to understand this weird issue... and use planar again!
Thanks a lot!

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