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Fusion Scripting How to animate a Center x, y?

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Fusion Scripting How to animate a Center x, y?

PostWed Feb 05, 2020 10:20 pm

Can someone provide an example of animating the path of point data type in Fusion script. For example, how can I keyframe the "Center" x, y cordinates of a Text+ or Merge tool through scripting?

I was able to animate the Blend property of a Merge node by creating a BezierSpline according to the Fusion8_Scripting_Guide.pdf. However, the guide says, "If the property is a Point DataType, use the Path{} function instead to add a bezier-based path." I couldn't find a reference to the Path function in either the guide or on the web.

I'm trying out scripting in Python, but if you have a Lua example, I will try to figure out the python analogue. Thanks to anyone willing to help!

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