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Tracker position, rotation and scale curves in spline editor

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Tracker position, rotation and scale curves in spline editor

PostSun Feb 09, 2020 10:08 pm

Hi trackers,

Once I've tracked my points and switched the operation to 'matchmove', checked position, rotation and scale, I would expect to be able to see the curves for these tree motion types in the spline editor.

Instead all I can see are my tracker curves(switched to XY, naturally).
These are helpful, but I only need to see them when operation is 'none'.

I've tried right clicking on Position, rotation and scale in the operations tab and can see the option to 'publish' but all I get in the spline editor is a flat line, which also represents my enthusiasm levels for trying to figure this problem out.

I'd really like the ability to check and alter these curves when the matchmove gets a bit wonky.

Planar tracker is not suitable for the work.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Tracker position, rotation and scale curves in spline ed

PostMon Feb 10, 2020 6:19 am

The Spline editor only shows curves on Inputs, but the results of the Tracker are actually outputs. They're continually derived from the tracking points rather than being baked out values.

It takes a couple of steps, but you could apply the tracking data to a Transform node, then use the Bake Animation script to get editable curves. This would have the advantage of not disturbing your original track, since you'd be editing copies of the motion.

There's a catch, though. Although Bake Animation comes with Fusion, I believe it wasn't updated to support Fusion 9 or later. If you use it it will probably tell you there's an error on either line 90 or 92. I think there's an updated version of it in Reactor that should work. If not, you can fix the script yourself by changing those lines to this:

line 90:
modifier = composition:Path({})

line 92:
modifier = composition:BezierSpline({})

Oh, and you'll need to execute the command comp:Unlock() in the console after the script fails (one time for each time you run the script unsuccessfully probably), or your viewers will refuse to update.
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