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Fusion nodes error

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Fusion nodes error

PostSat Mar 21, 2020 12:04 am


I am following this tutorial on making polaroids (can't post urls but the video is called "Making Polaroid instant Film in Davinci Resolve" by JayAreTV) but I keep getting red text once I reach the 3D parts – all the 3D tools become red and as do my pictures. I was wondering if anyone could help me in figuring out what's wrong? (This is my first time working with fusion, so it might be some beginner mistake :P )

Thank you!
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Sander de Regt

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Re: Fusion nodes error

PostMon Mar 23, 2020 2:01 pm

Just wondering... if this is your first time using Fusion... Why start with a comp with a thousand nodes?
Start out a little slower and build your way up to the bigger stuff.
It's impossible to know what's not working, because it's impossible to tell from the screengrab.
I don't know the tutorial, so I don't know where you went wrong. It might be a small thing or a huge thing.

I'd suggest to post the whole comp, but with this many nodes, I don't think it will fit in a message on this forum.

Can you provide a little more explanation on what you did and at what moment it began to fail?
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