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New user issues, way over my head?

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skip brewer

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New user issues, way over my head?

PostSun Mar 22, 2020 7:53 pm

I decided to jump into Fusion after editing with resolve for awhile. I followed a simple straightforward youtube video on creating an animated title. After 3 attempts to create the title I threw in the towel. Either fusion is way too buggy for me to work with or its way over my head. I followed the exact instructions methodically yet mistakes were still made that resulted in me losing hours of work. Is there really no way to undo an accidental keystroke? I really wanted to avoid Adobe but fusion seems very counter intuitive. Like I stated, I followed the exact keystrokes as the instructor but my outcome was different. It seems as if one mis click completely stalls the program. Any advice would be appreciated, Im hoping I just missed something. The idea that you can only move forward with an fusion edit baffles me.

Sander de Regt

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Re: New user issues, way over my head?

PostMon Mar 23, 2020 2:54 pm


sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues. From your description it's really, really hard to understand what might be wrong though, since you don't mention what YouTube video you were following along to or what kind of mistakes you couldn't undo. CTRL+Z will undo, just like in every regular windows program.
Maybe sometimes the undo buffer will be different from what you'd expect, in that case it's a bug and you should report it. But I've been using Fusion for over 20 years, since version 2.52 I think and yes, there are still issues with the program, definitely, but I've created 1000s of shots in Fusion over the years, so I'm pretty sure whatever it is you're trying to do at the moment can be achieved.

So if you can provide us with a little more concrete info, maybe we can help you a little bit better.
Sander de Regt

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Saad Shah

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Re: New user issues, way over my head?

PostMon Mar 23, 2020 2:58 pm

Hey Skip
Sorry to hear you are having issues with Fusion inside DaVinci Resolve. If you have a specific question, go ahead and post it and the friendly Fusion community will be happy to lend a hand. The only way to solve your specific issue is to see your comp and your nodes.

To answer your general questions, is Fusion too buggy to be unusable? No, it actually works fine. There may be an occasional crash due to system specs not being able to render a very large or heavy comp. Or sometimes when new tools or upgrades come in. For the most part, Fusion crashes are more due to user error than the program being unusable. Are you way over your head? Possibly, I dont know your experience level. If you are new to Fusion, you might be. Give yourself some time to learn how it works. Following a youtuber's tutorial didnt work? Dont feel bad, there's a lot of youtubers out there who are posting tutorials without a good grasp on theory, practice or skill. Losing work? You should be saving as you go. And saving copies progressively as you work. And dont just save Resolve Projects; save your nodes in text form too. Undoing keystrokes, yes, that works just like any other program. And if for some reason there is a problem that you cant undo, just delete the node and start from that point onwards. Adobe being user friendly and Fusion being counter intuitive? I use both, I dont think either one is perfect to be honest. They do things differently, neither is better than the other. Adobe AE is more suited for mograph than Fusion for sure. The layer system is better for beginners when your comp is more linear. The node method is better suited for more advanced compositing where different parts of the comp are inter-related and inter-dependent on each other etc. Fusion only moves forward in an edit? No, it has frames and keyframes and timelines and all the common stuff. Fusion moves forwards as well as backwards, of course.

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