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BR F17b2 MXF files rendered are corrupt

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BR F17b2 MXF files rendered are corrupt

PostFri Nov 20, 2020 12:57 am

OS 11.01 release
F 17 beta 2

ok, strange bug. if I set saver to MXF / DNxHD HQX 1080 1- bit and let the render fully complete, the icon shows as MXF in finder and I can't preview the file in the finder, nor can QT player open it - error msg.

if I stop render in progress, F17 closes the file out leaving whatever was there. file has .mxf ending and generic white icon . it will preview in finder fine, it will work in QT player ok.

whatever is going on to finalize a file at the end of a complete render is writing the file bad while a stop render it appears just closes the file out and it works where it should.

EditReady can open the file ok. if I basic rewrap the file with edit ready as OP1a MXFthe file is .2mb smaller and works as expected including finder preview. MXF writer has problems

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