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Fusion beginner making template

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Fusion beginner making template

PostSat Jan 09, 2021 8:54 pm

Hi, I am very much a beginner to video editing and Resolve. I am trying to make a simple title page template in fusion. The page will have a black background, a couple lines of animated text, and an image off to the side. One of the text lines and the image will vary with each use of the template. The second text line will remain the same with each use. The image will likely need to be cropped, sized, and positioned with each use.

I have been able to accomplish all this by placing the image on the first track and then cropping, sizing, and positioning it in the frame. A Fusion project is then placed above it on track 2 with the 2 lines of text. The Fusion project is saved as a Title Template (macro) and all seems to work OK.

1. However, what if I now want to dress it up just a bit by putting a radius on the corners of the image?
2. Going a step further, how can I add a border (frame) around the image?
3. How would I add a border around the entire title screen?

I am having some difficulty understanding the relationship between the background node and the rectangle and also the transparency of the various items. Is my general approach correct or should the image be embedded in the Fusion project? I tried that but couldn't figure out how to make it changeable with each use of the template. etc.


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