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Keep source resolution in nested Fusion comp?

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Keep source resolution in nested Fusion comp?

PostSun Jan 10, 2021 1:46 pm

Master timeline is HD but wide is UHD.

Green screen replacement so normally just switch to Fusion tab, apply flow, adjust & go back to edit mode. All good and Media In 1 in Fusion is UHD for the UHD clip.

For some shots I have two source clips (1x talent was looking down so needs replacing). Easy - have them stacked V1V2 in timeline, select and 'new Fusion clip' gives me Media 1 for V1 and Media 2 for V2. Great.

But the Fusion clip' is HD therefore the Media Ins are now HD (so all my present is out of whack).

A. Any way of modifying Fusion clip (ie the compound clip) to be UHD?

B. Or if I add a resize after the merge of media1 and media2 to make it 3840*2160 will it be just as clean (as it's always going back to source pixels anyway)?

Doesn't really matter for this job as I'm shrinking it anyway and deliverable is HD but interested.
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