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Version beta Fusion 17

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Version beta Fusion 17

PostSat Feb 20, 2021 9:55 pm

Hi FREINDS, very ofen I use Fusion to motion design animation. My channel youtube SYLWESTER WIELANEK...sorry my eanglish is not proffesional. Ofcourse I try to promote FUSION in my channel but I can see some serious problems.

a) I think FUSION need better tool to adjust UV TEXTURES to 3D object....texture transform it does not work good.

b) SOFT SHADOW _ OMG_please. Why this kind of shadow is inactive in GPU renderer. Most of user use GPU not CPU. When I use CPU ok is soft shadow but is INACTIVE - DOF CAMERA!. So I think this is very important to activate soft shadow in GPU.

c) LIGHT not work pefectly. - POIN and SPOT. I mean, the position of the light relative to the object - it doesn't coincide

d) I know this is not soft to modeling BUT, Being able to select the vertex and change position would be nice. This will enable the creation of a new mesh.

e) I use GPU 1070 GIGABYTE 8 GB (studio drivers) I know is not powerfull but even though I use a proxy 4,6 FUSION very often CRASH DOWN

g) I have problem with sharpen edges when I use obiect png with alpha (catout from greensreen) and this obiect is placed in VOLUME FOG. It looks ugly.

h) Professional, nice training materials are absolutely missing !!!

i) When will be FULL VERSION FUSION STUDIO 17.....

All the best FRIENDS
Sylwester Wielanek from POLAND

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