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two questions

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two questions

PostMon Feb 22, 2021 1:53 am

1.) the "media-in" node has 2 main parameters, global in-out and trim, now trim is self explanatory, what is global in-out for? when i trim the clip with the trim bar the global bar changes too, the global bar has the frame count of the media attached so this is not relative to the timeline or composition duration and looks like it is clip-level adjustment, but... what is the practical use for it? do i usually leave it alone? someone please explain with examples for when they needed to change it

2.) can someone explain the difference between a fusion clip and composition? i mean... i KNOW the main difference where a fusion clip uses media from the timeline while a composition is like a standalone thing,
when would a fusion clip suffice and when am i better off with a composition?... when right clicking them on the timeline their menus are different indicating they are their own separate beings, though editing a fusion clip i can still turn it into a composition by removing the connected media node and import from the media pool, essentially "converting" it to a composition, but the software still considers it a fusion clip, what limitations does a fusion clip have that a composition doesn't?

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