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Get Inputs from Autowrite

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Get Inputs from Autowrite

PostFri Mar 12, 2021 12:57 pm

How can I recursivley loop through all the children of an Autowrite node and find all the Loaders? Because my goal is to eventually collect all the Loaders so i can then find the filepaths to what is being read into the comp to determine how to specify the Autowrite output path.

I'm really struggling to find how to get the Input tools of my autowrite. Any help would be great.

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def getParents():
    comp = fu.GetCurrentComp()
    toollist = comp.GetToolList().values()
    for tool in toollist:
        children = []
        if tool.GetAttrs('TOOLS_RegID') == 'Saver':
            # children = getChildrenLoaders...(tool)
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