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Fusion 17x network rendering issues

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Fusion 17x network rendering issues

PostFri Mar 19, 2021 2:11 am

Hello All!

I'm finding Fusion 17/17.1 somewhat broken with respect to network rendering, is anyone else having issues?

Here's what I've just written to 'Newmagic' (Blackmagic support for Australia)-

As you are aware since our conversations of the past day or three, I have had multiple network rendering issues since installing Fusion 17 / 17.1.

Initially I was resigned to my Laptop (Gigabyte Aero15/GTX1060 6Gb + GTX 1070ti E-GPU/Windows 10 Home) needing a clean Windows install: it refused to work as a render node regardless of what I did (despite working perfectly fine as a render node or server with and without the E-GPU when using Fusion 16x or older).
I was loath to do this however, as (as I may or may not have mentioned) I have an upcoming gig as IBC Technical Operations Manager for HBS /UEFA in Holland on the Euro 2020/2021 football, so didn’t really want to stuff up all my MS Office / Outlook stuff at the moment…

My secondary workstation (AMD 3900x/RTX3070/Windows 10 Pro) would function as a render node to begin with in Fusion 17/17.1, but only if the dongle was connected to the main workstation, it refused to work as a render node whatever I tried if the dongle was not connected to the main workstation.
Today however, it would not function as a render node regardless of weather the dongle was connected or not. Despite multiple re-starts of the main and secondary workstation & re-plugging /removing of the dongle, the only node which would render was the main workstation actually running Fusion 17.1.
The secondary workstation also behaved flawlessly as a render node when using Fusion 16x or older, same as the laptop.

I have now uninstalled everything vaguely resembling Fusion from all three machines, and deleted any leftover folders in ‘program files’ and ‘appdata/roaming’ with ‘Fusion’ written on them.
And I have re-installed Fusion 16.2.4 on all three machines (render node only on the secondary workstation) – everything works perfectly: as it always did before!

Therefore I shall not be attempting to use Fusion 17x until at least 17.2 or 17.3 as in my opinion it is, if not completely broken, then at least badly damaged with respect to network rendering, which is quite a lot of the point of having bought Fusion Studio in the first place from my point of view.

That sort of sums up the issues I've experienced... Anyone else having the same sort of fun?!?


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