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extra settings drop down in fusion inspector do not open

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extra settings drop down in fusion inspector do not open

PostWed Apr 07, 2021 4:50 pm

I recently upgraded to the Studio version of Davinci Resolve studio 17 and noticed that some extra property settings drop down menu and key frame diamonds in the Inspector are not opening or working when I click.

I tried a variety of workarounds. THe one instance that worked(for a while) was to try and run Resolve through compatibility mode. I ran Resolve under Windows 8 and as an administrator. FUsion suddently came to life... Until I wanted to drag and drop tools.

I saw a video that said I can try removing opening Resolve with "Open as Administrator" and it worked. I was able to drag and drop files from media once again and able to drag and drop tools also BUT, now I am back at not being able to open properties in INspector in fusion once more. I tried re-doing the compatibility with windows 8 and run as administrator but no joy.

Some other post mentioned looking into my "filerepository to see if Resolve was running two Resolvepanel and noticed that I have two folders One is newer(from my re-install today and the other one is from 2020 (i guess when I installed the 16 version.) one thing that comes out is all folder have the same type of files: the folders are called DavinciPanel.inf....... with 3 files: .cat .inf .sys with created date july 2020.

and DAvinciPanels (with an "S") with 4 files: .inf .cat .sys and .PNF with a created date of today.

I seen many posts saying that I should remove the older one but I can't add myself the permission to access and delete the old folder.

I ran out of ideas. Suck! i had it going for a while -like a tease - and went back doing it's thing. funny thing is only fusion has this problem. all other tabs: edit, cut, color and Fairlight have full control of the inspector and those very important red diamonds key frame switches.

any ideas??????

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