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Reusable Fusion Composition using media?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:40 pm
by thefrenchmanfromquebec
I did some researches in this forum to see if the subject was already mentionned and I did not find it, i appologize if i missed it. I did this tutorial on Frost-like title in fusion. I find it is a very good way to learn fusion. I succeeded and it looks really nice and even better since I used a discovery mask to make it look very natural. The problem is that i saved it (in setting) for later use for other projects. This morning i
tried to use it again in a new project just to see, but DR17 was showin and OFFLINE media in the fusion and edit page. I loaded the original project and everything was ok. So i'm wondering what i did wrong or if it is even possible to save a fusion composition using any media for future use. In Pinnacle studio 24 for exemple I could build a title using different medias and save it for later use in other project. So I thought that it would work the same in DR17 Studio. So possible or not? Anb if possible how? Thank you very much to the DR17 community. It is very nice to benefit from the others knowledge... Peace.

******** UPDATE******
OK, I found it by looking at almost 20 Youtube tutorials... I must use the LOADER node in Fusion to attache the media to the ABC.setting file... It works. Peace :D