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Fusion 17 (and 16) performance issues

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Fusion 17 (and 16) performance issues

PostFri Jun 18, 2021 9:12 pm

Hi everybody,

I am looking for some pieces of advice, if not even a solution to a couple of problems I am facing with Fusion Studio 17 (and I have then realized Fusion Studio 16 too).

Problem n. 1:

After tracking and attaching a bspline mask to the tracker points:

the tracking itself is fine, though after the very first playback from start to end, the bspline it will no longer update its position correctly.

What I found out though, is that the mask (b/w alpha which you can see if you display the bspline in any viewport) is actually updating fine, but not the the bspline/Bezier itself.

A solution, or rather a workaround for me was to unselect the bspline node and then selecting it again, and suddenly it would appear exactly where expected at that precise frame.

I would like to mention that I am using the latest version of Fusion Studio (I have a license and the USB dongle).

I have tested everything on my personal workstation at home as well (the other was my company workstation, with a Quadro P5000 and an Intel Xeon CPU with 128 MB RAM) and the issue is still there.

Problem n. 2

On my personal machine Fusion cannot load a video file, once imported, in the viewport straight away (after assigning the loader to any of the two views) it takes forever, and I cannot scrub the timeline because of the apparent impossibility to cache everything properly (I get green and red lines at the base of the timeline).

My machine is even more powerful than the company one.
I have a Threadripper 3970X (32 Cores/64 threads), 64 GB DDR4 QuadChannel RAM, an RTX 2080 Ti and everything is runnig off of NVME M.2 SSDs (4th Gen).

There must be some setting in Fusion that I need to tweak perhaps? I don't know.

The curious thing is that Fusion 9 does not show any of the two problems at all. It can update the bspline as expected and it can playback any video without any issue. It's definitely something to do with Fusion 17, and even 16, in combination with my hardware I guess (maybe the new version doesn't like Threadrippers, or 32 cores?).

Also I don't get those issues with Fusion inside DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Here is a link to a video I have captured to demonstrate the playback performance problem on my workstation:


Thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated.


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  • Real Name: Mauro Sanna

Re: Fusion 17 (and 16) performance issues

PostTue Jun 29, 2021 4:49 pm

So, if anyone is interested in the solution I have found one.

The fix consists in using the ffmpeg codec, by downloading and copying it to your computer.

Then You need to set your preferences in Fusion Studio, like so:

1) go to File --> Preferences

2) under "Global and Default Settings", "Path Map", creat a new path by pressing "New" in the right hand column

3) in the "From:" field write "ffmpeg:"

4) in the "To:" field browse your system and select the folder where you copied the ffmpeg files (in my case it's "C:\Program Files\FFMPEG_Shared\"

5) Close Fusion

6) Start Fusion again. Job done! Everything works flawless again as far as concern the performance problem.

Very important: you need to download the "shared" version of the ffmpeg package you will find on the internet.

I downloaded the "gyan.dev" for Windows. You can find it on "ffmpeg . org" and it's 64 Bit of course.

It works. I am using the latest version of Fusion Studio.

I hope this helps

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