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OS 12 sleep stops Fusion render

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:17 pm
by steve oakley
OS 12 beta6
F 17.1.1 : didn't realize I was still on this vers. updated to 17.3.1 but can't let render go until expired plugin ( unrelated to F ) is fixed tomorrow or in a few days depending on how things work.

had modest render going. direct render in fusion. got about 41min into it and it stopped apparently when machine went to sleep. render spinner is still going, but CPU / GPU activity show nothing going on, VRAM usage looks like everything got purged - 8gb Full to 1-2gb in use.

Fu still looks like its work, but its done.

Did the same render a night ago and it went ok. Just made one little change on a merge node swapping FG and BG so image was correct. Gonna change energy settings and see if I can get this to work.


Re: OS 12 sleep stops Fusion render

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 10:48 am
by Jeff Ha
you're reporting an issue while using FU with a beta operating system? You won't get much help until OS12 goes final as Apple will still tweak. Even then it takes a good 6 months before any new OSX is actually stable for production use. Not much BMD do here to help you.

Re: OS 12 sleep stops Fusion render

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:25 pm
by steve oakley
Hi Jeff

Yes I am because its important and it matters. For example the OS12 startup problem with Fu 17.3 was fixed with 17.3.1, Not in release notes, but fixed none the less. Not all devs wait until the last release of an OS to start testing compatibility. Thats mostly the one or two person devs with really limited resources. Large companies often start sooner so that when the OS releases, they are also there within days with any update that might be needed. Users like and are happy when apps are promptly updated with major OS releases. In order for that to happen, it requires ? :o

You are welcome to think that OS X releases take 6 months "to be stable". Many of us would greatly disagree. Each major OS release has to be evaluated on its own merits, not a generic blanket policy. OS 12 has been the most uneventful update for problems. Pretty much if it works on 11.5.2 or .6 it'll work on OS 12.

It would be great to consider that some people like myself are testing things and reporting findings are doing it for good reason. instead of again offering another more mild 'mansplaining maybe it would just be best to ignore these posts since they seem to bother you rather than offer a comment that doesn't offer anything positive to the conversation.