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Resolve Fusion: Cache to Disk files wiped on comp init

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 3:37 pm
by TheBloke
Confirmed on: Resolve Studio 17.4.2
OS: macOS 11.6.1

Issue: On re-launch, and also on any other re-initialisation of a Fusion composition, Resolve purges any Fusion cache files generated by setting one or more nodes to "Cache To Disk".

Steps to re-create:
1. In a Resolve project, create a Fusion composition of some kind; for example, a Fusion Clip composition.
2. Set one or more nodes to Cache to Disk
3. Play the nodes so as to generate some cache files
4. Save the project, quit Resolve, relaunch Resolve, open that project
5. At around the 90% loading mark, all the Cache to Disk files will be purged from disk.
6. If the Timeline is closed prior to saving and relaunching, so that that Fusion composition doesn't initialise on launch, the Cache to Disk files are not deleted at launch. But they will be when that Timeline is first loaded.

The issue can also be triggered by using the Clips pane to create a new composition on a given clip, and also by switching between two existing compositions on a clip. I think it happens whenever a composition is initialised in Resolve for any reason.

This is rather annoying because I am trying to make use of Cache to Disk for Neat Video v5 nodes which are doing noise reduction. These process quite slowly, and there's no need for that processing to be done multiple times. Cache to Disk is a nice solution for this - I just enable it then carry on as normal, and whatever frames I've played will be written to disk.

But this is spoilt by the fact that all the cache is lost every time I restart Resolve.

This does not happen in Fusion Studio, so it appears to be the result of something unique to Resolve's initialisation of Fusion compositions.

As a workaround in this specific instance, I'll either pre-render files that already have noise reduction, or I might move Neat Video to the Color page, placed on the clips inside the Fusion Clip, where I can use Resolve's own Render Cache. The latter is preferable - I like to keep things dynamic as long as possible - but won't work for many other potential uses of Cache to Disk.

I'd like to be able to make proper and regular use of Cache To Disk in Resolve's Fusion page, but this is currently not really possible. It would be great if this could be changed such that Cache to Disk becomes permanent in Resolve, as it is in Fusion Studio.


Re: Resolve Fusion: Cache to Disk files wiped on comp init

PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2021 8:07 am
by TheBloke
Still an issue in 17.4.3 unfortunately.