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Creating 3D Logo

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Creating 3D Logo

PostFri Aug 05, 2022 7:57 pm

I have a quite unique issue here. So for my current company I wanted to create a 3D Logo. I put my 2D logo into InkScape, did a Bitmap trace, exported as SVG and then loaded into Blender. In Blender I turned the 3 layers into FBX Objects so that I can animate them in 3D. Besides the colors being a bit off, everything displays fine - BESIDES the color black.

I currently have a 3Dmerge node with the following - A black solid core to my logo, a red outline, and another red outline with a gray extruded piece. Everything renders fine EXCEPT the black. It shows as transparent when I go into the edit page. If I go into Fusion and put a little light into it to turn it to a gray or other color, the previously black "core" displays fine.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be? I've gone through every option on the "core" node, as well as the 3D render node to try and get the black to display. (it's over a grey background in the edit page)

EDIT: I should mention too, in Fusion, the rendered version displays how it should.

EDIT2: I have just tested and all black 3D objects are rendering as transparent, although showing in Fusion. All Render settings are set to default, in addition to the FBX mesh options (besides the black material)

EDIT3: This has been solved. I copy-pasted the nodes into a new fusion comp and it worked.

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