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Getting crashes when getting Merge DataWindow via script

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2022 2:49 pm
by brunocbreis
I'm trying to get a Merge's DataWindow table by using
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However, this GetValue() call (which should return an Image object, from what I understand) is causing an instant crash when I do it on a Merge. Seems to work fine on other types of tools.

Via Simple Expressions, I can also access the DataWindow of, say, a Background by using Node.Output.DataWindow[x]. When "Node" is a Merge, though, the image doesn't get rendered (I don't get a crash when doing it this way, though).

I think it's a bug because when I show DoD on the UI, it's behaving normally. It's just accessing the value programmatically that's weird.

This has happened on both the latest versions of DaVinci Resolve Studio and Fusion Studio.