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Set value of Point() control via the console.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2023 12:21 am
by JBroadway
I'm trying to set the value of a Point() control via the console.

This code doesn't work though?
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Merge2.a.X = 0.1
Merge2.a.Y = 0.1

For whatever reason, this resets the value(s) back to default, but not to the specified values?
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Merge2.a = Point(0.1, 0.1)

I figured out after a bunch of trial and error that you need to use curly brackets instead of square brackets.
This LUA code works:
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Merge2.a = {0.1, 0.1}

You can use the dump() function show the full table of values.
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-- Returns the X,Y,Z values of 'a' on frame 0

If you'd like to return a specific value you just need specify the table index
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-- Returns X value of table 'a' on frame 0

-- You can also use the ".GetInput() method"
print(Merge2:GetInput("a", 0)[1])

Hope this helps anybody that stumbles across this post. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this.