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Simple Motion Blur ?

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Bernhard Rieder

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Simple Motion Blur ?

PostTue Aug 04, 2015 6:57 pm

I would like to add simple motion Blur to my rendered images. I am using FUSION 7 - FREE Version.

- What node/tool should I use ?
- I am also using Vray, do I need the Velocity Pass ?
- Should I use Vector Based Motion Blur ?

I couldn't find a simple Motion Blur Video Tutorial.
If that is somewhere available, super awesome....

Thank you so much for any little help,
appreciate it !
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michael vorberg

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Re: Simple Motion Blur ?

PostThu Aug 06, 2015 7:51 pm

fusion itself has a vector blur node, which you can use with the vectors that come from vray. probably you need to "massage" the vectors into the right format fusion expects. and be aware that if you render in 3dsmax y and z axis are not the same as in fusion

then there is a vector blur node in the free krokodove plugin set

and you can also get a version of Reelsmart Motionblur (which can also work without the vectors)

and if you got fusion studio you have the dimension plugins which can also generate motion vectors to use in the vector blur node

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