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Fusion studio nvidia 3dvision 2 support

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JP Docherty

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Fusion studio nvidia 3dvision 2 support

PostMon May 09, 2016 9:38 am

I've recently got involved in a fair size project that is being theatrically displayed in stereo (3D) in a few months. I have in the distant past done some work in stereo (not a lot of fun I have to say) and have from then up until now avoided such pain, but this project is too attractive in other ways to duck.

So, I've been using red/cyan anaglyph glasses and Fusion's stereo tools which are working fine, but with all the colour limitations anaglyph imposes. I'm now considering buying a nvidia 3dvision 2 set up (glasses and wireless emitter to sync them) along with a 120 or 144mhz monitor in order to get a better view of what I'm doing. I know that Blackmagic list nvidia 3Dvision support as being standard in Fusion studio - I wondered if anyone here had used this and if it worked ok, and if so what monitor did they recommend? I'm leaning towards one of the new 1440p 144mhz models, as it'd also be good for 2D work.

Both workstations I'll be running it on have Quadro cards that are nvidia stereo vision approved.

And just to mention, I have seen the two previous threads on WeSuckLess that refer to this -



which seem to imply that with quadro cards I'll still be ok but I'm hazy as to how this is set up in Fusion or if there is any other hardware required. If anyone out there has experience with this I'd greatly appreciate any info.

Ta in advance.

Steve Roberts

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Fusion studio nvidia 3dvision 2 support

PostWed May 11, 2016 6:06 pm

Hi Paul,

Fusion will support Nvidia 3d Vision glasses and HFR monitors,
I have used it on a number of different Asus monitors and will work on Christie Digital projectors Cinema as well.

Some of older monitors seem like they dither in color, 27 inch dithered, the 24 did not. I would expect the 144hz display port versions to have better reproduction. All of these will have far more light output than the 4 foot lamberts you get in cinema.

Also these glasses will have better light extinction than RealD which bleed, so stereo looks really good.

you will need a Quadro card to get stereo to work.
Fusion will auto detect this setup and give you a Quad buffer Stereo option.

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