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footage format recommendations for fusion

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Geoff Swartz

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footage format recommendations for fusion

PostTue May 17, 2016 8:14 pm

I'm brand new to fusion and would like to see if I can work with it to replace my after effects workflow. I have a Sony FDR-AX100 which I'm recording AVCHD mp4s. When I try to bring in one of the files to fusion by dragging and dropping from windows explorer, it sits and spins for a minute and then nothing happens. No node is created. So instead I then manually create an I/O loader and select my footage. Nothing shows up in the viewer when I drag the node into it and if I try to drag on the timeline I get the message in the console - Loader3 failed at time 0.

I've done a bit of googling on converting this footage but have found so many "solutions" that don't work that well. I was eventually able to get some footage that played, but very slowly. So, I figured I'd ask what is the best footage format to use to edit in fusion? I would like to get decent playback but also as high quality as possible.

Also, when I was able to get a file to play, the audio track didn't play. If I right clicked the audio button and made sure the related audio track was selected the playback speed would drop to around a frame every couple of seconds. I do a lot of timing matching in AE, so is there a better way to get synced audio to work in fusion?

In case you're wondering, my machine specs are win 7 pro with 24gb of memory, an Intel xeon 2.4 ghz with 24 threads and a geforce gtx 960. I have a 2tb raid setup for the drive where the media files are as well as the fusion cache.

Stefan Kirste

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Re: footage format recommendations for fusion

PostWed May 18, 2016 8:22 am

i would recommend , using Davinci and Fusion.
Load your Clips in Davinci, make your Audio Sync, and only export Clips u want to work on for visual stuff, by exporting them as DPX File seq. After VFX, reimport your rendered Fusion DPX files back in Davinci, and finalize your Spot.

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