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Decompose Fusion Connect Clip

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Craig Allan

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Decompose Fusion Connect Clip

PostMon Mar 12, 2018 11:54 pm

Hello to All

I am new to Fusion Connect. I have an issue that in the past seems to have had no resolution. I can only hope it has been resolved - albeit in a manner that I can't find a solution to.

I have created a short timeline with numerous small clips. I have then made a compound clip of all these clips essentially creating one long clip that I have then applied a fusion connect to such that I can place 3d Text over the top. I have since changed my mind and would like to make some changes to the original timeline and recreate the fusion connect clip once the changes have been made.

The problem . . . .I can not seem to find anywhere that I can decompose the fusion connect clip or in some way delete it such that I can go back to the original.

Would greatly appreciate the steps needed to achieve this . . .

Thanks in advance.
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Adelson Munhoz

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Re: Decompose Fusion Connect Clip

PostTue Mar 13, 2018 4:21 pm

Hi Craig.

In DaVinci you can right-click the Fusion Connect clip and choose "Open in Timeline". This will open a timeline containing all the clips that were selected to generate the Fusion Connect clip.

But the clips will be locked, i.e., you cannot do any changes to them except "reset video" to set all Inspector parameters to default and do Color Correction ajustments.

If you need to do more profound changes (like change the duration or size/position for example) you can select all clips, copy them and paste them in the original timeline.

Then you can make all adjustments and generate a new Fusion Connect clip.

Hope it helps

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