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Using MochaPro4 camera solve in Fusion9

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Using MochaPro4 camera solve in Fusion9

PostMon Dec 03, 2018 8:53 pm

I have been able to do a corner pin using MochaPro4 data in Fusion9, but have not been sucessful in using a camera solve.

I do a track in Mocha, then get a camera solve (in mocha), with the track shape that is on the ground plane selected.

I export an FBX scene, and import it into Fusion. The camera comes in with a motion path, so all that looks initially fine.

It's a bit confusing with the point cloud, trying to sort out which dot is the center null of the ground plane shape, but once I have figure that out, I create (for example) some 3D text, and manually place it in the same 3D location as that null (...Is there an easy way to automatically snap that text (or any other element) to that particular point in the point cloud?).

I add a 3D render node, and the footage loader, and everything is ready. But, when I play it, the text track is completely off, bouncing all over the place. I'm not really sure what the issue is, since it SEEMS like the camera path is brought in... so I assume it's the text (or other 3D element) not being in the right 3D space location (...even though THAT also SEEMS correct, although I may be mistaken).

I have not been able to find any good videos online about this (...plenty of corner pin ones). I watched the official Mocha one (with the city and the King Kong model), but mine just doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone point me to a good walkthrough of the proper procedure, or advise me on what may be the issue?

MochaPro4, Fusion9 (Free), Win7Pro.

(BTW, I was able to use a camera solve of the same shot in Fusion using SynthEyes camera data... No adjustments required. Worked straight out of the box. With Mocha data, I had to manually move the text/3D item to the ground plane point cloud null, and it still didn't match.)

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