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Proper method of having a stationary mask for moving object?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:00 pm
by ladlon
Hello. I just wanted to see what the 'proper' method would be for this...

If I have a footage element, and I'm moving it around (2D) using a transform, but I want to partially mask it with a STATIONARY mask (ex. have the footage 'peek out' from behind something), how would I properly apply the mask? Keep in mind, I don't want the mask to move with the moving footage element.

So far, I simply used a MatteControl node after the transform, and used a polygon mask pluggged into the Garbage Mask input... It works, but I imagine it's not the 'proper' way to do it... I'm just using the MatteControl as a bypassed node, and using one of its inputs.

I just wasn't sure what node would be the proper one to use, since I can't plug the mask into the transform or anything before that, otherwise it would move with the transformed footage. I would think a Merge node, but that only has the effects mask input... but maybe that would work?

Just curious...