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DisplayCAL Color Calibration and 3D LUTs in Fusion

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DisplayCAL Color Calibration and 3D LUTs in Fusion

PostWed Feb 06, 2019 3:54 pm

Hi there,

My issue is a general one related to using ICC profiles and 3D LUTs at the same time for proper viewing on a computer monitor. In my case, I am trying to use DisplayCAL with a colorimeter to achieve this.

I'm attempting to calibrate my computer monitor as best as possible to deal with a range of projects in different color spaces. For this reason, my monitor is not calibrated to a standard; its hardware is set to provide the widest gamut possible ("Native" mode), and it is profiled by DisplayCAL such that the ICC profile allows me to view material in various color spaces, and have that displayed as best as possible on my monitor.

In Fusion, I'm confused about how the ICC profile and LUTs interact, possibly specifically with DisplayCAL's LUTs. Is it true that to achieve optimal color calibration, you would generate an ICC profile with a desired white point and gamma (D65, 2.2), then also generate 3D LUTs for the various source materials you need to preview (sRGB, ACEScg, P3, etc)? And then also uncheck "Apply calibration (vcgt)" because that step is handled by the ICC profile?

I can confirm at least that the ICC profile in the OS does affect the viewers on the monitor. I am on MacOS.

Thanks for any help!

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