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25.00000191 Frames per second

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Holger Neuhaeuser

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25.00000191 Frames per second

PostFri Feb 08, 2019 7:48 am

Hi there,

just found something that puzzles me a bit

Although I´m working with fusion since it exists now I found something strange that I never realized before

If I show the metadata of prores clips that should be 25 fps in my working window

It says 25.00000191 frames per second.

That happens with a lot of quicktime clips in various codecs from various origins, always with prores 444 clips.
It never happens with image sequences and mxf files.

I calculated roughly that it needs clip length of about 5 hours before a frame error would show up

A firend of mine also working with fusion got the same effect (which he also never realized before)

Is this a misinterpretation of quicktime or may it have to do with updates of resolve in the same computer?

Is it a problem at all? Would maybe deinstalling quicktime fix this (but how many clips will become unreadable then even if ffmpg is installed)

Do all the other softwares just clip after two digitits behind the komma, so we just don´t see it there?

Any ideas what leads to this strange behaviour?

Thanks a lot

Hendrik Proosa

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Re: 25.00000191 Frames per second

PostFri Feb 08, 2019 12:36 pm

My guess is that it is a precision error of floating point number that is used for storing fps metadata value.
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