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Creating transitions with adjustment clips?

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Creating transitions with adjustment clips?

PostWed Jun 05, 2019 3:24 am

Ive seen a company on the internet that has made transitions in the form of adjustment clips. How could you go about doing this?

I would love to create the same thing because I don't want to have to go back and forth with fusion for hours to create something that I could just drag and drop...

Does anyone know where I could find a step by step process of how to make these?


Michael Fleetwood

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Re: Creating transitions with adjustment clips?

PostFri Jun 07, 2019 4:35 pm

Hello! So I just dove into the 16 Beta, and I'm very excited about this possibility. Having worked in the smoke for a while before moving to a more resolve/nuke/fusion centric workflow, this is something that I loved that the smoke did.

I'm just getting started on figuring it out, but here maybe some tips to get you started.

If you create an adjustment layer, then go click on the fusion tab, it will use the bottom layer as it's media source. Then you apply any fusion effects you want, and when you go back out to the edit tab, you'll see that if you move the adjustment layer, it will affect whatever is underneath. I've been able to copy and paste the layer and it works the same. I had one bug where it cached the fusion comp, then the video stayed the same no matter where I moved it, but I deleted and re-added the media in node and I haven't replicated the "bug".

As far as making it a preset, currently its going to be about making the transitions, then pasting each transition into it's own sequence. You then will drag the "effect" into your edit sequence and then decompose. That's what the guy in your video above is doing. In the tutorial videos on the site, I think they're cutting out all the thing you need to do to make it seem "smoother".

As far as using these in multiple projects, I haven't figured that one out, short of buying one of these packs. There's some that are pretty cheap, so if you want to explore this further, you may want to buy one, then take it apart to see exactly what they were doing. I'm not sure if it's a .drp project that you import, then have dynamic project switching on and copy from one project to another.

Anyway, that's what I've got. Maybe not as step by step as you'd like, but I'm still exploring. Hope this helps.
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