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Slow Flow Zoom v16 Studio Windows

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Grant Tompkins

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Slow Flow Zoom v16 Studio Windows

PostTue Aug 13, 2019 7:50 pm

I'm getting stuttering and delayed Flow panel zooming using middle click navigation using both wacom pen and mouse on Windows only. Still smooth using Fusion 9 on same system. Same behavior on multiple Windows systems. Same navigation with v16 on Mac is smooth.

Windows system 1 : Dual 18c Xeons, 3x Volta Titans, studio drivers 431.70, 384GB ram, Windows 10 fully updated
Windows system 2 : 18c i9, 2x 2080ti, same drivers, 128gb ram, same OS with updates
iMac Pro : 8c Xeon, 32GB ram, Vega 56, latest Mojave build

It's making getting any work done extra hard. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you.

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