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Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/changed

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:20 pm
by triwheeler
I've watched a few videos that BlackMagic has produced explaining Resolve+Fusion as well as several tutorials made by users on YouTube. Though each video has been helpful in describing how to carry out discrete editing or composition tasks I am still having trouble understanding why things are organized the way they ware and how to maintain a workflow throughout an entire project.

I will try to list some of my points of confusion as simply as possible...

Lets say that in the Media Pool on the Edit page I create 3 Fusion compositions (Dog,Cat and Pony) that are five seconds long in the media pool, each with a different name. I drag each fusion composition onto a different point on the timeline. I drag composition Pony onto the timeline once more so it is on the timeline twice. Each clip segment in the timeline has the same title "Fusion Composition".

When I jump to the Fusion page there are four black boxes on the bottom of the page. Each box has 00:00:00:00 above it.
What does this number indicate if they are each 5 seconds long and arranged on different points in the timeline?

When I right click on each box they all have the same title of "composition 1". I am given the option to rename this composition. What happened to Pony? I can't find any reference to the original titles I gave to these compositions now that I am on the Fusion page. Also I'm given the option to create a new composition within this composition. I'm not sure why I would want to do that.

If I add generators, 3d render windows or clips into the media out of my composition the thumbnail at the bottom of the page still stays black. Is there some way of refreshing the comp to get visual reference in the thumbnail? I can see this getting confusing with multiple comps. Every comp looks identical and is given the same title in the selection bay at the bottom of the page.

It is nice that the Fusion page integrates with the edit page to show whatever is under the play-head when you switch between pages but this only applies to the top layer. If I set thumbnail view in my timeline, nothing displays within my fusion clips.

I realize there are a lot of small questions here but I'm throwing all this out here because maybe I am missing something very basic.

Thanks for reading this or helping anyone.

Re: Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/cha

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:29 pm
by Jonathan de Blok
Yeah same here.. I think when you drag a fusion clip from the bin onto a timeline it becomes a new copy.. so you can't make a global 'background' fusion clip and use that in multiple timelines. Well you can but they are not referencing the same fusion clip so if you want to change the background have have to do it in all fusion clips.. so that doesn't work well.

A workaround is to make a timeline with a single fusion clip on it and use the timeline in multiple places. But this gets a bit annoying to manage.. So I'm not sure this kind of workflow is actually supported, it's more a 'add some fusion stuff to this cut of video' mindset. You cant share the same fusion setup on multiple clips which is a bit of a bummer...

Re: Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/cha

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:06 pm
by cmatts
I am a long time ae user working on learning Fusion.

This literal disconnect doesn't seem to make sense - where you make a fusion comp - drop it into a timeline and you are then modifying a different comp.

As previously mentioned it seems like the only way to organize a project (if trying to work as I would in AE, for fx, titles, compositing etc) is for each fusion comp to have a separate timeline.

why even have fusion comps as an asset? or is BMD working towards each fusion comp saved in your project existing as a standalone element? so you could make a background and use it in multiple timelines, revise the background once for each use.

It also explains why I fusion comps in a timeline do not have an option to reveal/show in project. they only exist in that timeline.

Re: Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/cha

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:09 am
by Saad Shah
Yes, you are correct. Fusion comps in the Edit page timelime dont show you with unique names. I assume BMD is working on improving this in their software development and we will see a solution soon.

As a Fusion user, I dont have a problem working around this though. I simply make my Fusion comps on the Fusion page and save them as text. Once all the Fusion graphics are done, I edit my video and drop in the graphics on top where ever I need and render it out. To be honest, this workflow works fine. A lot of my graphics are turned into macros and I just drag and drop and change text and move on to the next one.

Not the most elegant solution but for now it works fine. Hopefully BMD will streamline this soon.


Re: Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/cha

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:41 pm
by GonshiRamushiyo
I have been requesting BMD since Reolve 15 to add the ability to rename Fusion Clips or Fusion Compositions and to improve the consistency of clips between the timeline and the Media Pool.
However, they have not been able to solve these problems, and some of them seem to be getting worse in v16, so it may be a more difficult problem than we think.

The following may be useless trivia, but just for your information.
If you drag and drop the Fusion Composition already on the timeline that you have done something on the Fusion page into the Media Pool, the Node flow inside it up to that point are memorized and can be reused as a template by putting it on the timeline again.
Note that any changes on the Fusion page after relocation to the timeline will not be updated, and it is same that the change in clip name is not reflected on the timeline.

Re: Confusion about how Compositions are organized/saved/cha

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:05 am
by Saad Shah
Thanks Gonshi, yes. Thats interesting. I had noticed it too.
Wasnt sure it was deliberate or just a fluke.