Display 4K on a 1080 Monitor?

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Ric Murray

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Display 4K on a 1080 Monitor?

PostTue May 04, 2021 4:21 pm

I have a Decklink 4K in a 2019 Mac Pro tower, connected by SDI to a 1080 Flanders monitor. Using Premiere Pro or Resolve I get playback on the Flanders if the timeline is set to 1080p 23.98 fps. Is there a way to get a 4K timeline to scale down on the fly to the 1080 monitor? Do I need additional or different hardware?
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Andrew Kolakowski

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Re: Display 4K on a 1080 Monitor?

PostFri May 07, 2021 2:10 pm

If you have DeckLink SDI 4K then this card doesn't support hardware UHD->HD down convert (only HD to SD).
Only way to get preview out of UHD Resolve projects is set it correctly in video monitoring section. Timeline can be UHD, but monitoring needs to be set to HD. You also need to set scaling properly so you don't have centre-cut, but proper downscale.
In Premiere only way is to work in HD timeline during editing and then switch to UHD for export. There is no separate scaling for BM monitoring itself.

There are other models, like DeckLink 4K Extreme which support scaling performed on the card itself.
Not many do it and watch for this section in card description:
"Ultra HD Down Conversion
Built in, high quality hardware down converter outputs Ultra HD to HD..."

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