Decklink 8k - 2x 1080p60 3D recording setup

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Decklink 8k - 2x 1080p60 3D recording setup

PostWed May 12, 2021 1:51 pm

Hi all,

Anyone had success with recording 1080p60 2 channel 3D stereoscopic video (i.e. left and right eye separate) on the Decklink 8k?

I've been trying out a bunch of setups (connection order, decklink settings, etc) but can't seem to get my SDI video (3G capable 75ohm BNC cables) to even record a single channel through my Decklink 8k.

Both channels work fine into a 3D monitor (SONY LMD325) and separately on the BlackMagic SmartScope 4k.

As far as the supplier can tell me the video signal should be standard colour and format, however they can't tell me if it is vertical or horizontally encoded. I don't know enough about signal formats to know much more than that.

Please note I posted a similar request in the software dev forum but id not have success, so trying here in Post Production too.

> Decklink 8K Pro (PCIe)
> SDK 12
> Windows 10 64x
> Dell T3600 workstation
> Intel Xenon E5-1607 3GHz
> 12GB Ram (1600MHz DDR3)
> NVIDIA P1000 Graphics
> 1TB SSD - for capture
Antony B

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