UltraStudio 3G and RGB capture

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UltraStudio 3G and RGB capture

PostWed Jun 16, 2021 8:43 am

Hello !

I got an UltraStudio 3G capture card and I thought that this device would be able to capture 1080p60 RGB video. In the specs I read that the device could deal with HDMI Video Sampling 4:4:4, same thing for HDMI Color Precision "8-bit RGB" etc.... but I was surprised that in fact this capture card cannot capture more than 4:2:2. According to Blackmagic support the tech specs only refers to what kind of signal the card can accept on the input... not the signal that the card can capture... To me it's a bit confusing to not specify exactly what the card can capture or not...

Btw, is an update or something planned to make this capture card able to capture RGB in the future ? Thank you for your help !

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