Transferring huge Data faster

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Transferring huge Data faster

PostSat Jun 19, 2021 10:32 am

Hello there fellow filmmakers,

I was wondering about data transaction speed.
Working on a HDD internal and USB 3.0.
Yesterday I had a film shooting using 4.6K lossless, which created DNG files.

Since I normally do not use this high information codec, I was wondering why the transferring speed is pretty low at 10-20 Mb/s?

Whenever I shoot, I know it takes time, but half an hour or something for each of my 256MB Cfcards...

This one takes about 4-5 hours for 256MB. I know HDDs are way slower than SSD, but that slow? It sometimes drops to 5-10MB...

Right now I am using a SanDisk CFast-Reader, USB 3.0, and the internal HDD...

Any Ideas? I am open and thankful for any tips, suggestions, to maybe reduce the amount of time for this part of the postproduction workflow, how do you guys transfer a high amount of data?

I will turn them into proxy footage I guess since I never used this lossless codec and I am not sure how the editing will be, since I cannot see any video files, but the DNG-files, which I hope Resolve 17 will put together...

Thank you in advance, I am new to the Blackmagic world and glad to be here, have a nice day,
Roman from Cologne/Germany

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Re: Transferring huge Data faster

PostTue Jun 22, 2021 1:09 am

Get an internal SSD, preferably a NVMe if your motherboard supports it. And then, a reader with USB-C should be faster too. Do you really nee to work with DNG? They are pretty heavy.
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Re: Transferring huge Data faster

PostTue Jun 22, 2021 3:34 am

DNG is recorded as a file per frame, which is much slower to deal with than a sequential read/write for single file codecs. In Resolve, they will appear as a single video clip per folder of DNG files.
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