Duplicate timeline issues

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Tony Spiraletti

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Duplicate timeline issues

PostMon Oct 25, 2021 6:35 am

Hi all,

So I duplicated a timeline to cutdown an interview from the clients notes. Renamed the timeline and did the edit. Went to go back to the uncut timeline and noticed that the duplicated timeline that I did the did the edit in was renamed to the same name as original but with 'copy' appended. Thought this was strange but opened the original uncut timeline and all the edits I had made in the duplicated timeline had also been made in the original!!!!
What on earth is going on? This has caused a huge issue now and Im going to have to spend hours fixing things.
Anyone else had this bug?
I have now tried to go to a back to one of the project backups and each time I try to do this, it crashes Resolve.
Im on Resolcve 17.3.2 on Mac Big Sur 11.3.1
What a mess!

Peter Chamberlain

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Duplicate timeline issues

PostTue Oct 26, 2021 2:38 am

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When you duplicate a timeline, the works 'copy' is added to the timeline name if you dont change it to something else.

it sounds like you were editing the original after making a dup.
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Andy Mees

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Re: Duplicate timeline issues

PostTue Oct 26, 2021 12:09 pm

Hey Tony

Where / How you duplicate your timeline determines the result you will get.

If you duplicate a timeline in the Media Pool ie via selection then choosing the right click context menu option 'Duplicate Timeline', that will make a copy of the selected timeline, but it won't open that copy and/or make it the active timeline... so if you duplicate by that method, rename it (also in the Media Pool) and then carry on working in the active timeline, then as Peter explained, you're just carrying on with your edit in the original timeline, because the original timeline is still the active one.

However, if you right click in the Timeline Window, on the tab of an open timeline, and choose 'Duplicate Timeline' from there, then that will make a copy of that timeline (in the Media Pool) and automatically open that new timeline copy and make it the active timeline (and you also have an option to right click and rename a timeline from the same tab, ensuring you're naming and working in the intended timeline) ... alternatively you can simply choose Edit menu > Duplicate Active Timeline, and that will make a copy of whatever is the current active timeline, automatically open open that new timeline copy, and again, make it the new active timeline.

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With respect to your issue, try opening the renamed duplicate timeline you created (regardless of what you called it) ... assuming you slipped up with the 'active timeline' vs 'copied timeline' thing (and didn't compound it with any knock on errors) then that should be the version of your timeline with the original uncut edit.

Hope it helps
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