UltraStudio 4k HDMI Input Frame Rate Stuck

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UltraStudio 4k HDMI Input Frame Rate Stuck

PostThu Jan 20, 2022 11:13 pm

I have an UltraStudio 4k v2 (TB2) and the HDMI input is stuck on a resolution and frame rate of 1080p59.94, regardless of the frame rate of the incoming signal (it's not detecting and switching to the incoming frame rate). Also, it appears to only be outputting the same 1080p59.94 resolution and frame rate to the system via TB2, regardless of how the Video Out "Default video standard" is set, e.g., setting the "Default video standard" to 1080p30 does not result in the specified conversion being output. Otherwise, the unit seems to work normally. This behavior started after my system (computer) froze suddenly (wasn't doing anything related to the UltraStudio) and began outputting a very loud audio noise signal. I've not yet been able to check whether the other video inputs are behaving similarly, though about to do so.

I had recently installed Desktop Video Setup 12.2.2, and it had been working properly, though did revert to 12.1 (also working previously) and the behavior did not change. This is on a loaded 2018 MacBook Pro running OS X 11.6.2.

I'm at a complete loss as to how to get the issue resolved. Is there any means, perhaps using the Desktop Video SDK, by which the input resolution and frame rate could be set manually? The documentation doesn't seem to offer much (any?) guidance on how to troubleshoot the issue.

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