Will Intensity Pro output be in sync with computer audio?

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Will Intensity Pro output be in sync with computer audio?

PostMon Jul 04, 2022 6:29 am

I'm about to buy a DAC, probably a Scarlett model. What I'm trying to figure out is if I need a unit with line inputs for Blackmagic device monitoring.

I've been using a Thunderbolt 2 Mini Monitor for monitoring my output from Premiere, After Effects, Resolve, etc. On my prior system (Mac Pro 2013) I definitely had to route audio though the Mini Monitor otherwise it would be out of sync (if I used the computer audio output). That required an analog mixer to patch both the computer speaker output and the Blackmagic output to a set of speakers. I'm using the same setup on my 2019 MacBook Pro and I generally choose the BM audio out of habit, and it stills seems slightly off if I don't.

One of my future upgrades is to get a proper output card like the Intensity Pro (if I get a tower or else in an expansion chassis). I'm wondering if the card would have any better sync or less latency than the Mini Monitor; a couple of editors have told me that their Blackmagic video output is totally in sync when outputting the audio through the computer, and they don't have to route audio through the card at all.

SO my question is: is their any lag with the sync on the Intensity Pro when using computer output? Or are y'all still plugging the audio outs on the card into your speakers/mixers to ensure everything stays in sync? Because that will determine which model DAC I get as some of them don't have line inputs and I'd need those for the BM card if that's the case.

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