R3D relink Issue with REd Cine-X Pro

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R3D relink Issue with REd Cine-X Pro

PostThu Jun 01, 2023 9:40 am

Hi everybody, once again I need a little help for a question I can't find an answer to.

It is for RED expert : I have to consolidate (trim) rushs in RED RAW (R3D) because it is huge ( 8To ! ).
The workflow I use is to export xml from the Resolve, import it in RED cine-X pro and consolidate in it. It seems to work (from the 8To to 3.5 To).

I can import the files in Resolve without issue BUT : even it have the exact file name I cannot manage to relink them. When I use the relink I got an offline image, the only thing that is working is the replace image option but I really don't want to replace indivudal clips for a whole feature timeline !
I try in 18.1.4 and 18.5Beta 3

Does anyone encounter the same issue?
Thanks by advance


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Re: R3D relink Issue with REd Cine-X Pro

PostThu Jun 01, 2023 9:10 pm

Post this in the Resolve section of the forum.

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