blackmagicdesign DeckLink 8k pro Problems

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blackmagicdesign DeckLink 8k pro Problems

PostWed Jan 08, 2020 10:39 am

We recently purchased a new dell precision 7920 tower (Precision 7920 Tower, 2χ Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110, 64gb ram, NVIDIA Quadro P4000) to meet our needs with the new blackmagicdesign DeckLink 8k pro card. We saw it in the company's suggested PCI systems.

From the first moment there was a problem in the co-operation of the two systems.

The video flashes in black every few seconds. It is not possible to do any kind of work.

We tried the other cards of BlackMagicdesign (BlackMagic DeckLink 8K Pro, BlackMagic DeckLink 4k pro, BlackMagic DeckLink 4k, BlackMagic DeckLink duo 2) with the same results

We also tested the cards on other PC systems (most of these are not in compatible PCI systems) much much cheaper than dell precision 7920 tower and they work without any problems at all.

Then we tried several changes to the bios without success.
We don't know what else could be done, but there seems to be a problem with BlackMagic DeckLink + Dell 7920 compatibility.

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